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Top 12 Best Chosun Tv Dramas 2021 WELL PICKED

Chosun TV has been producing great drama series from fantasy, action to romance. And here are the BEST CHOSUN TV DRAMAS.

1. Grand Prince

Grand Prince Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘Grand Prince’ is a story of love and passion. This drama series was released on March 3 and had its finale on may 6, 2018. ‘Grand Prince’ was directed by Kim Jung Min.

‘Grand Prince’ is starred by three of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry; Yoon Si Yoon, Joo Sang Wook and Jin Se Yun.
‘Grand Prince’ revolves its story in a love triangle story where two princes fight against one woman wherein one of the princes would kill his brother just to get the object of his love.

Lee Whi, played by Yoon Si Yoon is a handsome and talented prince. He excels in poetry and in painting and not to mention, he is a very attractive man that all the women in the Kingdom would love to be his wife. Although he is a crowned prince, he doesn’t desire becoming a King someday.

Unlike Lee Whi’s older brother, Lee Kang, who is played by Joo Sang Wook, is an ambitious man who desires to becoming the King.

The two princes rival in getting the heart of the one Sung Ja Hyun, played by Jin Se Yun. She is a daughter of a government official and she is very popular among women because of her undeniable beauty.

Aside from her beauty, she possesses scholastic ability which she got from her father and to top that, she got the heart of a compassionate and a righteous woman.
‘Grand Prince’ is considered one of the BEST CHOSUN TV DRAMAS aired on TV.

2. Joseon Survival (Best Picked)

Joseon Survival Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘Joseon Survival’ is a story of friendship and survival. This drama series was first aired on June 8, 2019 and ran for 16 episodes and ended on August 17, 2019. ‘Joseon Survival was directed by Jang Yong Woo.
‘Joseon Survival’ revolves its story around two men from 2 different worlds and time.

One of them is Han Jung Rok, who is played by Kang Ji Hwan and Im Kkeong Jeong, who is played by Song Won Seok.

Han Jung Rok was a former archer and was part of the national team and was considered the top archer but he, now, works as a delivery man and found It very difficult to earn a living.

An unexpected turn of event made Han Jung Rok travel back in time where he found himself back in 1562. He, then, meet a man who is experiencing a similar problem that Han Jun Rok is experiencing, difficulty with earning money to live.

Im Kkeok Jeong is a very handsome and smart man. However, he works as a butcher, which is the lowest rank in society in the Joseon Dynasty. Aside from being butcher, he is a known thief which made it ever more difficult for him.

They both, then, meet and made a miracle in their lives as they fight for their lives to survive.

Leverage Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘Leverage’ is an action-drama series which is considered one of the BEST CHOSUN TV DRAMAS. It was aired on tv from October 13 until December 8,2019 and ran 16 episodes on air. ‘Leverage’ was directed by Nam Ki Hoon.

‘Leverage’ revolves its story in taking down and bringing justice to wealthy businessmen and people who commit fraudulent acts without being punished by the law.

‘Leverage’ is starred by Lee Dong Gun, who played the main character in the drama series named Lee Tae Joon. Lee Tae Joon is known for being a one-of-a-kind fraud investigator.

However, because of unexpected circumstances, his life changed which made him quit his work.

After quitting his job, he started recruiting former criminals that are well known for their own abilities that could help Lee Tae Joon do his goal which is to bring all con-.

Co-Starring Lee Dong Gun in this action series are Jeon Hye Bin, who played the role of Hwang Soo Kyung, Kim Sae Ron who played the role of Ko Na Byeol, Kim Kwon, playing the role of Roy Ryu and Yeo Hoi Hyeon who played the role of Jung Ui Sung.

‘Leverage’ is a story that is thought to have the story of ‘Robinhood’ where the hero helps the victims of the scammers by scamming the scammers themselves.

4. Kind Maker: The Change of Destiny

Kind Maker - The Change of Destiny Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘King Maker: The Change of Destiny’ is a romance-history drama series directed by Yun Sang Ho and was aired from May 17 until June 26, 2020 running 21 episodes on TV.

‘King Maker: The Change of Destiny’ is a love story between a man named Choi Chun Joong who is a well-known fortune teller just by reading someone’s face and a woman name Lee Bong Ryeon who has the ability to see people’s fate.

Choi Chun Joong, played by Park Si Hoo, is considered the best face reader in Korea but was looked down as a fortune teller. But, turn of events made him the most powerful man in the nation. Because of his ability, he knows Joseon’s fate and he tries to change it. Together with Choi Chun Joong is Lee Bong Ryeon.

Lee Bong Ryeon who is played by Ko Sung Hee is the daughter of King Cheoljong and possesses a beautiful physical attribute. Just like Choi Chun Joong, Lee Bong Ryeon has the ability to see what is going to people’s lives.

When Choi Chun Joong and Lee Bong Ryeon teamed up to change the destiny of the kingdom, they both started developing feelings for each other which would make a big change in their lives.

5. Korean Peninsula (Tv Series)

Korean Peninsula Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘Korean Peninsula’ is a breath-taking drama series directed by Lee Hyeong Min and carried 18 episodes on Tv. It was first released on February 6 and ran until its finale on August 3, 2012.

‘Korean Peninsula’ is a story of two scientists from South and North Korea that fell in love while working together in a project of sustainability. B

ut while working, North and South Koreans still had tension. The two scientists were played by Hwang Jung Min, playing the role of the South Korean Scientist named Seo Myung Joon and the North Korean Scientist named Lim Jin Jae, played by Kim Jung Eun.

While working at the development project, Lim Jin jae was ordered to steal the main technology but she didn’t want to do what had been ordered her to do which created he plot of the story.

In the end, Seo Myung Joon and Lim Jin Jae found that their love for each other was not easy to forget.

6. Operation Proposal

Operation Proposal Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘Operation Proposal’ is a romance drama series that revolves its story in how a man will do everything to get his back love and fix what he made wrong juts to correct his mistake of not proposing his feelings to his one true love.

‘Operation Proposal’ ran 16 episodes and was aired from February 8 to March 29, 2012 and was directed by Kim Woo Sun. ‘Operation Proposal’ was starred by Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin playing the main characters Baek Ho and Yi Seul respectively.

Baek Ho and Yi-Seul were childhood best friends where they share many things together while growing up. But when Yi Seul got married, Baek Ho then realize that it was too late for him to propose his feelings to Yi Seul. Baek Ho, then, was asked by Yi Seul’s mom to help her fix Yi Seul’s things.

While Baek Ho was fixing Yi-Seul’s things, a letter that was addressed to Baek Ho feel on the ground.

After Baek Ho fixed all the things, he went to a park carrying the letter of Yi Seul. While reading the letter, Baek Ho shed tears and came a man offering a handkerchief.

The man introduces himself to be a man who can control time and asked Baek Ho what he wants. He, then told the man what he wants and in a snap, Baek Ho returned to his room and the man left him leaving a small bottle of liquid that can make what he wants come true.

7. The Greatest Wedding

The Greatest Wedding Chosun TV Seriestest Wedding Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘The Greatest Wedding’ is a drama series that ran 16 episodes from September 27 to December 27, 2014 and was directed by Oh Jong Rok,

‘The Greatest Wedding’ revolves its story in a mess up world of romance where two unsuccessful individuals find their way to love. But while they are discovering their own paths, four other couples are also having a hard time finding their way in a modern romance.

‘The Greatest Wedding was starred by Park Si Yeon playing the role of Cha Gi Young and Bae Soo Bin playing the role of Jo Eun Cha. Alongside the two stars were No Min Woo, Um Hyun Kyung and Jung Ae Yeon.

8. Bride of the Century

Bride of the Century Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘Bride of the Century’ is a full drama series that was directed by Yun Sang Ho and was starred by Yang Ji Sung, playing the role of Na Doo Rim and Jang Yi Kyung, and Lee Hing Ki playing the role of Choi Kang Joo.

‘Bride of the Century’ is a drama series full of deceit, lies, imposters but it is also full of love.

‘Bride of the Century’ revolves its story around Na Doo Rim who pretended to be Yang Ji Kyung because of their exact resemblance. Na Doo Rim was brought in in the Taeyang Family to pretend as Jang Yi Kyung after her sudden disappearance.

Because of Na Doo Rim’s light personality, the heir of Chaebol, Choi Kang Joo, immediately feel in love with her. But when the real Jang Yi Kyung returns, the real plot of the story begins.

9. Babel Korean Drama

Babel Korean Drama Chosun TV Series

‘Babel’ is a drama series that ran 16 episodes on TV and was directed by Yun Seong Wik and ran from January 27 to March 24, 2019 and was starred by Park Si Hoo and Jang Hee Jin.

‘Babel’ is a twisted story of revenge and romance wherein Park Si Hoo, playing the role of Cha Woo Hyuk who is a prosecutor will do everything in his power to have his revenge. While Jang Hee Jin who played the role of Han Jung Won was a famous and beautiful actress.

When Cha Woo Hyuk met Han Jung Won, he fell in love even he knew that she was already married, Then, came the plot of the story when Han Jung Won meets Cha Woo Hyuk in court as her prosecutor since she was the suspect of the death of her husband.

‘Babel’ is considered one of the most intense and one of the BEST CHOSUN TV DRAMAS.

10. Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil

Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil’ is a full drama series that was aired from December 17, 2011 and had its finale on April 15, 2012 carrying 36 episodes and was directed by Yun Sang Ho. The said series was starred by one of the most sought actresses of her time and this generation of new breeds of actors and actresses, Kim Hae Sook.

‘Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil’ is a story of a woman who strived her way to becoming a successful and a best-selling author.

Go Bong Shil is a country woman who moved to Seoul and left her hometown after the death of her husband and when their business went bankrupt. As a country woman, she struggled with the hustle and bustle of the city. As she fights her way to the top, she, then, became one of the best-selling authors in Korea.

11. Selection: The War Between Women

Selection - The War Between Women Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

‘Selection: The War Between Women’ is a history drama series that carried 16 episodes that ran from December 14, 2019 to February 9, 2020 and was directed by Kim Jung Min.

‘Selection: The War Between Women’ is a story that revolves around a woman named Kang Eun Bo, played by Jin Se Yun, who set her mind in finding the killer of her twin sister. But the only person who has the power to easily to do that is the Queen.

And to become the Queen, she needs to marry King Lee Kyung, played by Kim Min Kyu. But she was didn’t expect that there were a lot of women who want to wed the King. But fate has brought Kang Eun Bo and Lee Kyung together.

12. Dad Says I Am Sorry

Dad Says I Am Sorry Chosun TV Series
Credit: TV Chosun

Dad Says I am Sorry’ is a dram series the carries only 3 episodes that is usually aired during Lunar New Year. This drama series is aired to celebrate the establishment of the general service of Chosun TV.

‘Dad Says I am Sorry’ is starred by Kim Young Chul, Yang Hee Kyeong, Lee Min Woo, Park Si Eun, Shin Eun Jung and many more.

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What is the Best Chosun Tv Series among these list?

For us it’s Joseon Survival though is not finished episode, but the story are well packed heavenly made and the uniqueness of every episode good, the story is awesome.

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