2020 APAN Music Awards Winners: Biggest K-Pop Girl Group in the World

For the past few years, the popularity of the biggest K-Pop Girl group in the world and different and Top K-Pop Boy groups  have drastically increased that a lot of people in the globe have started following, idolizing, and supporting them that different fan clubs have sprouted all over the planet.

Since this popularity has cemented the K-POP culture, different K-Pop groups have been receiving different major awards from different Award giving bodies around the world. One of which is’ APAN MUSIC AWARDS.

On January 24, 2021, ‘2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS’ announced the winners that was held at Seoul Kyunghee University Peace Hall. The said ‘2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS’ was hosted by Kim Jong Kook and Jun So Min.

2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS awarded different K-POP groups and solo singers to encourage and celebrate their contributions to the music industry in Korea and in the world.


Among all K-Pop groups and solo artists, the groups and solo artists that were selected as the hottest artists and groups in 2020 are BTS, Daniel Kang, MONSTA X, TWICE, IZONE, GOT7, NCT127, Young Woon Lim, Seventeen and The Boyz.

Among the 10 K-Pop groups and K-Pop artists that were selected to shine in 2020, TWICE, NCT127 and BTS were selected as winners.

While Twice, which is one of the biggest K-Pop Girl group in the world, won the ‘Album of the Year, MONSTA X brought home ‘Song of the year. NCT127, on the other hand, won the ‘Artist of the year’. And BTS won the grand prize.

Aside from the four major awards bagged by the above mentioned groups and solo artist, here are the other winners in 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS


Seventeen and Black Pink won ‘Global Pick Group’ ,  and Black Pink won ‘Best Music Video Award’. Hwasa and Daniel Kang bagged ‘Global Pick Solo Award’ while Jaehwan Kim won ‘Best Choice Best Vocal Award’.

The winner of New Focus Award was Nalchi Lee and KT Kang Daniel brough home the Season Star Award.”

Other awards include in APAN MUSIC AWARDS 2020

Best All-Rounder that was bagged by GOT7 JB,
APAN Choice Global Hallyu Star that was awarded to A.C.E,
APAN Choice New K-Pop Icon won by Wei,
APAN Choice Best Trend that was awarded to Ha Sung Woon,
Idol Champ Fan’s Pick- Solo Artist was Daniel Kang and IU,
Idol Champ Fan’s Pick- Group were BTS and IZONE,
Idol Champ Global Pick- Solo Artist was awarded to Daniel Kang and MAMAMOO’S Hwasa,
Idol Champ Global Pick- Group was awarded to Seventeen and BLACKPINK, and
KT Seezn Star Award was awarded to Daniel Kang.

The winners of the Top 10 Artists of 2020 awards were chosen through a combination various factors such as popularity votes, achievements, physical albums and digital releases and scores from judges while Best Icon, Best Performance, Best Music Video, Best All-Rounder, idol Champs solo and Group, and the KT Seezn Star Award were all chosen through popularity votes.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS!

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