Blue Spring From A Distance A Love Triangle Will Begin This Summer July 14

In this hot summer that we are experiencing right now, a love story under the spring will be released by KBS2 on June 14. This special drama called Blue Spring From A Distance will greet us with the complicated situation of its friendship and love.

Blue Spring From A Distance is a love story of university students who both fell in love with a girl in the same university that they are in. But this love is not as easy as it seems. This love will come between their friendship while they face difficulties in life and problems in their university as a student.

Yeo Joon (Park Ji-Hoon) is a first-year student. He has a cute and charming appearance with a bright personality. He came from a wealthy family and because of his bright personality, he is famous to all people and social media. He tries to stay in a personality that people are used to seeing of him. He has the life of what most people in their twenties wish of having. But even though his life is so perfect as it seems outside, it’s the exact opposite on the inside.

Blue spring from a distance

Yeo Joon carries pain and sadness on the inside. This hurting that he has mostly come from lacking love from his parents. And what Yeo Joon needs more than money and stuff is a friend. But unfortunately, finding a true friend who will unconditionally accept him is a lot easier said than done.

Nam Soo-Hyun (Bae In-Hyuk) is a third-year student in the same university. He is a very smart straight-A student who has the personality of being a perfectionist. He also has a good-looking appearance and has excellent grades as an academic student.

blue spring from a distance soo hyun

Although he has the brain and the appearance, he is in a very difficult situation because of the financial struggle he has in life. And because of this, he works several part-time jobs to support his family. His mother, younger sibling, and his self. Because of his situation in life, he has this sarcastic or couldn’t care less kind of personality towards other people.

Kim So-Bin (Kang Min-Ah) is also a third-year student in the same university. She is sincere and has an honest personality. She also has her difficulties in life, and she has lived with her father after both of their parents got divorced.

blue spring from a distance sobin

These three students are economics students who are studying in the Business Administration Department of MyungIl University. Yeo Joon and Nam Soo Hyun, who has opposite personality unexpectedly find their selves drawn to be each other’s partner on a project together. Despite the rocky start of the two students because of their personalities, Yeo Joon and Han Soo Hyun eventually started to slowly accept each other’s personalities. That’s when their friendship began growing between them and eventually became best friends.

While these two Yeo Joon and Han Soo Hyun finally have their friendship with each other, this friendship will put to the test as Kim So Bin (Kang Min-Ah) enters their lives. How will Yeo Joon and Han Soo Hyun’s friendship get through the love triangle that will about to begin with Kim So-Bin in Blue Spring From A Distance.


Park Ji-Hoon who played Yeo Joon is also known for his main role in “Love Revolution” and “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”.

Bae In-Hyuk who played Han Soo Hyun is mostly known for his main role “My Roommate Is A Gomiho” and “XX”.

Kang Min-Ah who played Kang So-Bin is from “Beyond Evil” and “True Beauty”.

This Blue Spring From A Distance will not only excite you but will surely have you relate to some of the character’s personality and situations in life and especially in love. This drama will let you feel every situation of the characters that you will surely enjoy watching.

Blue Spring From A Distance Trailer

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