Why BTS Biot In The Philippines Has Everyone Including BTS Army Furious 2021

There are a lot of issues that are recently trending and taking the internet by storm about the term BTS Biot in the Philippines made by some Filipinos who hate the BTS K-pop group.

This became an issue to the point that it became the number one trend on Twitter and Facebook. 

So before we start talking about how all these issues started, the main questions that some people are asking is…

What is BTS Biot in the Philippines?

The word “Biot” or “Bayot” is a word in Cebuano or Tagalog. A Filipino language. This word is supposed to mean “homosexual male” or “gay male”. So by calling BTS “Biot” means calling BTS gays. This term is now being used as a phrase or a call sign for homosexual males or gays in the Filipino language.

This term is usually being used in social media, private conversations, and for being homophobic and bullying someone. Pointing out that they are not “masculine” enough to be called a man or a boy.

On June 6, 2021, the BTS Biot (Gay) became the top trend on one of the famous blogging sites called Twitter and Facebook. This trend started when high school students from Jose Rizal Memorial State University (JRMSU) posted photos of their graduation pictures holding a whiteboard written “BTS Biot” and “Feeling gwapo daw ako? At least dili feeling laki parehas sa BTS! #BTSbiot”.


These photos became one of the top trends on Twitter and Facebook having fans aka BTS Army all over the world with mixed emotions and disappointments. This term is being used in a negative way humiliating BTS by calling them, Biot or homosexual male.

The school is investigating students behind the viral “BTS Biot” photos and also released a statement saying the actions that are made by the students are done by their personal request. Here is the statement made by the Jose Rizal Memorial State University (JRMSU).

Credit: @JRMSU.Ilustrado

One of the high school students in the photos posted a public apology for his actions.


This “BTS Biot” term has negatively spread throughout social media to the point that this issue also came to the attention of Koreans. They were not pleased to know that Filipinos are disrespecting one of the pride of South Koreans and some of them posted their thoughts on TikTok. 

The South Korean K-pop group BTS is not only known for their famous name or music but they are also known for using their influence to promote and support equal rights all over the world.

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

Supporting LGBTQ+ and equal rights has grown over the years in the Korean music industry. A lot of K-pop idols had spoken out about these issues and helped fans to understand more about these issues. BTS is one of the most influential and famous idols that has spoken out support and comfort for the LGBTQ+ community.

Although this issue had become the number one trending topic on Twitter and Facebook, another topic that trends all over the internet, especially in the Philippines, is about suspending some grab drivers in the Philippines because of the same “BTS Biot” issue.

Recently, on June 17, 2021, the K-pop idol BTS has partnered with McDonald’s for a limited edition called BTS MEAL is launched. People, or should I say the BTS fans aka the ARMY are so excited about this news that when it launched in the McDonalds Philippines, it has sold close to 3.5 million chicken nuggets. The total is 1000 percent higher compared to the daily average chicken nuggets sales.


Because of this partnership of BTS and McDonalds, it has BTS fans in the Philippines overly excited to order this BTS MEAL. And one of the ways to order this meal is through grab of food panda that is a famous delivery platform in the Philippines.

While everything was supposed to go smoothly, an issue has started when some of the Grab’s delivery parter has posted some negative comments about the BTS fans being so overreacting for their orders BTS MEAL and also calling the BTS K-pop group “BTS Biot”.

Because of this action that some of the riders had done, some of the BTS fans are posting on social media to just ordered directly from McDonald’s and not through these delivery platforms such as Grab to avoid this kind of incident.

Because of this issue that some of the Grab riders had caused, the Grab Philippines released a statement saying they do not tolerate these kinds of behaviors from their riders, and the riders that have caused this are already suspended. 

Credit: @grabph

In this photo, Grab Philippines is also asking people not to affect other riders for what other riders wrong because some riders rely upon this job to support their family.

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