Doom at Your Service 2021

How Park Bo Young And Seo In Guk Escape Death In Doom At Your Service 2021

Sometimes, life can be tough. To the point we question ourselves, our lives, why are we so unlucky. Well, this May, TvN is releasing a romantic drama with a twist of fantasy in it. Doom At Your Service is based on a woman who is miserable in her life because of how unlucky her life is going. While these unlucky things are happening to her, she will meet a mysterious man who she ended up making a contract with him for 100 days, risking her life in return for a happy life.

Tak Dong-Kyung (Park Bo-Young) is a hard-working web novel editor. She constantly thinks that she is unlucky with her life because of all the things happening to her.  

Doom At Your Service Seo In-Guk
Credit: tvN Netowrk

Myeol Mang (Seo In-Guk) is an immortal between the heavens and humans. He is in charge of Tak Dong-Kyung for making her wishes come true.

A few years ago in Doom At Your Service, Tak Dong-Kyung’s parents passed away in a terrible accident. Because of this incident, Tak Dong-Kyung immerses herself in her work as a web novel editor in a way to cope up with what happened with her parents. After a while, another unlucky fate strikes again in her life. She is diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.

One night, Tak Dong-Kyung goes on the rooftop shouting out to heaven hoping the world will end.

This time, the heavens answered her with a mysterious man named Myeol Mang. An immortal sent from heaven. He went to meet Tak Dong-Kyung and telling her that he can make all of her wish come true but if she is willing to pay the highest price. She agrees with this deal. Now, Tak Dong-Kyung is in a 100 days contract where she can live the life she always dreamed of living. But at the end of this contract, the grim reaper will take her soul.

Doom At Your Service Park Bo young
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However, as Myeol Mang gets to know this amazing woman, he slowly starts having feelings for her. Complicating the situation between a human and an immortal.

Park Bo Young who played Tak Dong-Kyung is famously known for her main role in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”. On the other hand, Seo In-Guk is famously known for his main role in “Shopping King Louie”.

Doom At Your Service KDrama 2021
Credit: tvN Netowrk

Some of Tak Don-Kyung’s feelings will surely have you relate to some of them because of how difficult sometimes our lives can be. Doom At You Service, will have you feeling relatable, but at the same time giving us lessons and sights of how can life can be from other perspectives with a twist of fun fantasy that will surely let us enjoy watching.

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