Hard Hit Movie Has Jo Woo-Jin And Lee Jae In Frightening 2021

This June, an exciting, intense, and thrilling movie is going to be released and it’s called Hard Hit. A movie that will make you feel like you are riding a roller coaster with mixed emotions of its thriller. Hard Hit will let you experience a lot of twisted heavy thriller that combines with fear of its situation.

One day, a banking manager Sung-Kyu (Jo Woo-Jin) is driving his car with his kids with him. He was driving his kids to school and then go to work. While driving, Sung-Kyu received an anonymous phone call from a person without a caller ID. This stranger told Sung-Kyu that he planted a bomb under his car and when he gets out of the car, the bomb will explode.


This strange anonymous person then commands Sun-Kyu to do what he says or else he will blow up the bomb under Sun-Kyu’s car with his kids. Sung-Kyu couldn’t get any help because of his situation being inside the car and being watched. He faced a very hard situation where he must be very careful in making a decision to save his and his children’s lives.

How did Sun-Kyu’s kids react to this situation in Hard Hit

Hye-In (Lee Jae-In) is Sun-Kyu’s stubborn daughter who is also in the car with him at these intense moments. She has a complicated relationship with his father, but because of the life-threatening situation that they are in, she set aside her rebellious self and got along with her father to overcome and get through their situation.


Jo Woo-jin who played Sun-Kyu is also known for his support role in Mr.Sunshine and Goblin. While Lee Kae-In who played Hye-In is known for her main role in Racket Boys.

This movie Hard Hit is very intense because of its dramatic twists and will give you psychological horror feeling that death is just around the corner. It will also evoke feelings as if you were being dragged into the plot twists as the movie unfolds.

Hard Hit Main Trailer

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