Hello Its Me! Laugh and Learn to Love Again in the Newest and Hottest Romantic Comedy of 2021 Lead by Actress Choi Gang Hee

Another comedy-fantasy drama series of KBS is set to be released on February 17, 2021. Hello, It’ s Me is the newest series of KBS directed by Lee Hyun Seok.

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Hello, It’ s Me is the newest comedy fantasy drama series that every K-drama fanatic wouldn’t want to miss, starring Choi Gang Hee who has starred in different drama series such as “The Secret Life of My Secretary” and “Queen of Mystery” and Lee Re who also majored in different series such as the newly launched series “Start Up.”

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Hello, It’ s Me revolves its story between a 37- year-old Ban Ha Ni played by Choi Gang Hee, who is miserable and has lost all his spark and her 17-year-old self, named Ban Ha Ni played by Lee Re where Ban Ha Ni meets a 17-year- old, enthusiastic, passionate and fearless Ban Ha Ni.

As bright as her personality, 17-year-old Ban Ha Ni shows how great life is and how much beautiful it would be to love yourself.

After meeting her younger self, 37-year -old Ban Ha Ni has learned to forgive herself and learned to love again.

Hello, It’ s Me is said to run until April 8, 2021. It has taken over KBS’s Wednesdays and Thursdays which will run for 35 minutes holding 32 episodes.

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Along with Choi Gang Hee and Lee Re is Kim Young Kwang who plays the role of Han Yoo Hyu, a 30-year-old immature man from a well-off family and Eum Moon Suk who plays as An Soni, formerly a top star until he abused his power in the entertainment industry.

Credit: KBS2

Hello, It’ s Me will not only be shown in KBS but also on Netflix which will excite all K-Drama Fans.

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