Jun Ji Hyun And Her Husband’s Shocking Divorce Rumors Reportedly Involves Another Woman 2021

The divorce rumors about Jun Ji Hyun and her husband Choi Joon Hyuk are currently overflowing on the internet. With these rumors, Jun Ji Hyun’s agency recently shared their statement saying the divorce rumors from the “Garo Sero Institution” are false facts and is about to take Legal action against those who maliciously spread false rumors about Jun Ji Hyun and her husband Choi Joon Hyuk’s marriage.

This all started on June 2 when the host in “Garo Sero Institute” uploaded a Youtube video claiming that the two married couple has been separated since last year of December 2020. While these reports are being claimed, it was also reported that the two married couple has been given both six months to work out their difference or fix their marriage.

Are Jun Ji Hyun and her husband really getting a divorce?

It is said that one of the many reasons that Jun Ji Hyun does not wish to proceed with the divorce arrangements is that negative news will also have an impact and affect her career in negative ways. This will possibly lead to heavy penalty fees due to negative press. Other reasons are Jun Ji Hyun wouldn’t want a broken family for her two kids. However, there are also reports that things are different for Choi Joon Hyuk who is supposedly thinking about divorce.

Some reports also claimed that the actress Jun Ji Hyun is now seemed of considering moving abroad.

Meanwhile, while these scandalous rumors are going around the internet, there are also reports claiming that there has been another woman involves between the two married couple leading to splitting up.

While these malicious rumors are circling the internet, Choi Joon Hyuk makes fun of this situation about the divorce rumors with his Kakao Talk profile cover photo. Many people think that Choi Joon Hyuk is making fun of these allegations made by the Youtuber host in “Garo Sero Institute” channel claiming that Jun Ji Hyun’s husband left the house saying that he did not want to be Jun Ji Hyun’s husband anymore. In Choi Joon Hyuk’s profile cover photo in Kakao Talk, it shows an image of a scene from the series “Slam Dunk” with a speech bubble that says “I… Want to be Jun Ji Hyun’s husband!”.

Jun ji hyun and her husband.jpg

There are a lot of false and malicious reports claiming false news on the internet which leads to Jun Ji Hyun’s agency released a statement saying that all information mentioned in the broadcast of the “Garo Sero Institution” host on Youtube are all false. They have found more false facts and malicious rumors being spread online that were derived from “Garo Sero Institution” channel on Youtube. Jun Ji Hyun’s agency is currently investigating the truth about these false facts that are being spread through the internet and about to take strong legal actions against the spread of false information, articles, and comments.

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