Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In’s Relationship And Getting Married Rumors Revealed

Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In’s Getting Married Malicious Rumors Revealed On May 24

On May 24, Lee Seung-Gi’s agency suddenly announced something that the fans and supporters never expected. Both Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s agency had a piece of surprising news about these two actors being together as a couple and supposedly have rumors about getting married.

Lee Seung Gi Dating Lee Da In Inside Car

On this same day, Lee Seung-Gi’s agency Hook Entertainment announced that he will be leaving this agency to establish his own one-man agency company with his father. The actor Lee Seung-Gi debuted on Hook Entertainment in June 2004 and has worked with them for more than 17 years. After all these years, Lee Seung-Gi has decided to build his one-man agency called “Human Made”.

Lee Seung Gi Dating Lee Da In Getting Meetup
Lee Da In and Lee Seung gi Getting Out

Here How Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s agency react to these rumors

On this same day, following this news, another shocking and unexpected news has shock millions of fans and supporters. Lee Da-In’s agency, 9Ato Entertainment confirmed that Lee Da-In and Lee Seung-Gi are dating. The agency confirmed it by also saying that they have been slowly getting to know each other for about five to six months now.

Lee Da In and Lee Seung gi Getting Out with the same establishment

After two days of this surprising news, on May 26,  Lee Seung-Gi’s agency also announced a statement about this dating rumor confirming that it is true. At first, due to the process of establishing the agency, Lee Seung-Gi apologized for such a late notice about his relationship with Lee Da-In.

This statement also indirectly denied rumors about Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s getting married rumors and asking to refrain from articles that contain unconfirmed rumors and speculations about them getting married. Also highlighting the fact that the two couple are still at the stage of slowly getting to know more about each other.

Lee Seung Gi Car

In addition, he expresses his gratitude to CEO Kwon Jin-Young and the family of Hook Entertainment where he spent 18 years including his trainee days. He also added that they will continue rooting for each other and asking for people and supporters to show a lot of support for “Human Made” as Lee Seung-Gi make his fresh start as an independent artist.

A lot of fans and supporters are surprised about this news being stated on the same day about Lee Seung-Gi starting his own “Human Made” agency with his father and dating Lee Da-In. And also because of the none connection of these two couples in the past. Some of the fans are trying to figure out how this love story has started and some of them stated that maybe because the two couple loves to play golf and that’s where it started.

A lot of people also know Lee Seung-Gi as a huge golf-lover. And Lee Da-In posted a few photos on Instagram about playing golf with her family. As claimed by Sports KyungHang, both Lee Seung-Gi and Lee Da-In found each other attractive after finding out that both of them share the same love for playing sports golf.

Although many fans and supporters are shocked and surprised about this news, many of them are rooting for the two couple Lee Seung-Gi and Lee Da-In, and also for Lee Seung-Gi for establishing his own company with his father being an independent artist.

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