The Strange Mystery Behind This Upcoming Korean Series “Dark Hole 2021”

You already heard or watched “Train To Busan” because it’s all over the internet and Netflix once it came out. Now, a new and hot upcoming “Train To Busan” vibes series is going to be released on April 24, 2021.

This series is titled Dark Hole. You can already feel the mystery, thriller, and survival vibes that most of us love.

Credit: OCN Network

In Dark Hole, people will inhale a strange and mysterious dark smoke that is coming out from a sinkhole. While this strange dark smoke increases the number of these monsters, a group of people will fight to live and survive these deadly monsters.

Lee Hwa-Sun (Kim Ok-Vin) is a detective who works at the Seoul regional investigation unit. Lee Hwa-Sun’s world will turn upside down when she received a strange anonymous phone call from a stranger who is believed to be her husband’s murderer. In this conversation, the murderer is telling Lee Hwa-Sun to come to “Muji City”.

Credit: OCN Network

Though people in “Muji City” are already turned into these deadly monsters after inhaling this weird dark smoke, Lee Hwa-Sun is still determined to find his husband’s murderer by going to “Muji City”.

Yoo Tae-Han (Lee Joon-Hyuk) grew up in “Muji City”. Yoo Tae-Han has a free spirit, carefree personality who usually jokes around.

Credit: OCN network

He was a police officer back in the days before this chaos began. Though he loved his job, he was forced to quit because of a misunderstanding scandal. However, even though he has already quit his job, he still has his strong sense of justice in him.

Credit: OCN network
Credit: OCN network

Throughout their journey in this chaotic world, the two Lee Hwa-Sun and Yoo Tae-Han will meet at “Muji City”. And Yoo Tae-Han will commit with Lee Hwa-Sun, helping her investigate the Dark Hole while finding her husband’s murderer and risking their lives just to save other people in danger from these deadly monsters.

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