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Pipeline The New Upcoming Movie With Starring Lee Soo Hyuk And Seo In-Guk

Let’s take a break from the series we watch all day every day and let’s all look forward to this upcoming movie very soon on May 26, 2021, called “Pipeline“. Look and experience with the character’s underground world.In Korea, they have over 1,200km pipeline that acts as an artery or blood vessel of the country. In this “Pipeline”, there is about a group who illegally steals oils using these pipes in an underground world.

Gun-Woo offered a large amount of money to complete the impossible oil heist. He used Pin Dol-Yi (Seo In-Guk) to drill between the “Pipeline” of Honam and Seoul Busan highways within a month. To get the oil heist done in time, Gun-Woo forms a group with these odd and expert people.

Tae Hang-Ho Cast of Pipeline Korean Movie 2021

Gun-Woo (Lee Soo-Hyuk) is a wealthy CEO of an oil refining company that he inherited from his family. He is the mastermind of this oil heist. He sets up a plan to steal oils hidden underground of South Korea with his group.

Pin Dol-Yi (Seo In-Guk) is the top drilling technician in the whole country. With these two together, they form a group with a civil engineer section chief Mr.Na (Yoo Seung-Mok). A digging expert Big Shovel (Tae Hang-Ho). And a welding expert Envelope.

Here’s the twist in Pipeline

As the day passes by, the job that this group was supposed to finish had a big problem. As the cops got a hint of this oil-heist, the group drill-spot’s mine collapsed and this group ended up being cornered from all sides. As this job got delayed because of its misfortune, Gun-Woo threatens his group’s lives. His group promised him to finish the job in 2 days, however, Gun-Woo still intent to blow up both the oil tank and Drill-spot’s group after the oil has stolen.

Seo In-Guk Seo In-Guk Cast
Credit: Megabox Plus M, Little Big Pictures

Gun-Woo (Lee Soo-Hyuk) and Pin Dol-Yi (Seo In-Guk) are also known for their main role in Doom At Your Service. Section Chief Mr.Na (Yoo Seung-Mok) is from Kingdom. Big Shovel (Tae Hang-Ho) is from Taxi Driver. New Bird (Eum Moon-Suk) is from Hello, Me!. And lastly, Counter (Bae Da-Bin) is from My ID Is Gangnam Beauty.

This movie is exciting yet terrifying about how and what will happen to drill-spot’s group. If they can successfully finish this oil heist within the remaining 2 days, or if they survive what Gun-Woo is planning on killing all of them by blowing up the pipes even after the successful work.

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