Racket Boys 2021

JHS Boys Develops Their Relationship With The Charismatic Coach On The Racket Boys 2021

This drama is the kind of series you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re a sports lover or in middle school. SBS is releasing a drama about middle school boys and girls who are not very good at sports but want to be great athletes. This drama is titled Racket Boys. This Series will surely get your heart into doing sports, and it can also be your motivation if you’re an athletic kind of person.

Racket Boys is a 16 episode series about a former athlete training all 16-year-old boys and girls from Haenam High School. These middle school students love sports badminton, although they love this sport and they are in a badminton team, they are not very good at it.

Oh Na Ra Racket Boys 2021
Credit: SBS Network

This is when they meet their sent from above professional badminton player named Ra Young-Ja (Oh Na-Ra). A legendary and charismatic former badminton player who has retired and is now hired as a coach in Haenam High School. She now coaches these 16-year-old badminton players to reach their dreams in becoming an athlete and great badminton players.

She never had a harder job than coaching these students, but with their determination to be better and with their amazing badminton coach, the team grows and gets better and better by taking part and joining Junior Athletic Competitions.

All the main characters would be Oh Na-Ra, who played the legendary coach Ra Young-Ja that is mostly known for her main role in the drama “SKY Castle”.

Yoon Hae-Kang as Tang Jun-Sang from “Crash Landing On You”. Na Woo-Chan as Choi Hyun-Wook from “Taxi Driver”. Lee Yong-Tae as Kim Kang-Hoon from “Start-Up”. Lee Han Sol as Lee Ji-Won also from “SKY Castle”. Bang Yun-Dam as Son Sang-Yeon from “Dr. Romantic 2”. Han Se-Yoon as Lee Jae-In from “Hospital Playlist”. And Yoon Hyun-Jong as Kim Sang-Kyung from “The Crowned Clown.”

Son Sang-Yeon Racket Boy Band 2021
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Tang Joon-Sang Racket Boy 2021
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A lot of athletes can surely relate to this drama for its love for its sports, determination of being better to reach their goals, and the hardship throughout the process. Even those who don’t do sports will surely enjoy watching the Racket Boys series.

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