Actress Kim So Hyun Plays a Warrior Princess Who Will Find Love in a Different World in “River Where The Moon Rises” 2021

RIVER WHERE THE MOON RISES is a new romance- drama series of KBS 2 that is stated to release on February 15, 2021 that will run on Monday and Tuesday. 


This new drama series is starred  by Kim So Hyun, who will be playing the role of Pyeong Gang, the heroin of the drama series and Ji Soo, who will be playing the role of On Dal.

Credit: KBS2

RIVER WHERE THE MOON RISES is directed by Yun Sang ho and is written by Jan Ji Hoon.

RIVER WHERE THE MOON RISES is aromance-drama seriesthat is based on the novel of Choi Sagyu entitled “ Princess Pyeonggang”.

RIVER WHERE THE MOON RISES revolves around a love story of two different worlds. The heroin of the series, Pyeong Gang, is born a princess but raised a soldier for Goguryeo. Pyeong Gang is an ambitious, determined to be the first Empress of GoGuryeo.


But, even with her detailed plan in becoming the first Empress, everything takes a turn when she meets On Dal.

On Dal is the exact opposite of Pyeong Gang. He is a peace-loving man who lives in harmony with everything that surrounds him.

Credit: KBS2

So, when he meets Pyeong Gang, the life of the princess takes an unexpected turn of events. On Dal shows calmness despite the kind of life Pyeong Gang has until she finds herself falling in love with On Dal.

Credit: KBS2

But with her plans and dreams, can Pyeong Gang really sacrifice  for her love to On Dal?

Other cast members of the new drama series of KBS2 are Lee Jin Hoon and Choi Yu Hwa, who will both play main characters or the drama series.

They are also accompanied by Kim Bup Rae, Wang Bit Na, Lee hae Young, Hwang Young Hee and a lot more.

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