Sell Your Haunted House Korean Drama 2021

Jang Nara Reveals The Truth In Sell Your Haunted House 2021

KBS2 is releasing a mysterious hunted house series for you to watch this April 14. Sell Your Haunted House is a fun but mysteriously interesting and spooky series.

It’s about a real estate agent whose CEO is a woman who has this unique talent of being able to sell houses that are haunted.

As she does her job, later a con artist will come up to her and ask her to team up with him. As they team up together, their journey will be an interesting journey with a lot of secrets to discover.

Sell Your Haunted House Jang Nara
Credit: KBS2

In this series, Hong Ji-A (Jang Na-Ra) is a woman who has a lot of secrets and limited patience. She runs the Daebak Real Estate. A company that is based on selling houses that are haunted. Hong Ji-A has its pride in the ability to sell unsellable houses.

Although she looks like a talented businesswoman who can sell any house, Hong Ji-A is also an exorcist. She inherited this talent of being an exorcist from her mother.

Hong Ji-A will buy haunted properties at low cost, and exorcist its ghost and evil spirits before selling them to their clients. She uses her unique and rare talent to build a successful company throughout her journey.

Hong Ji-A’s mother passed away 20 years ago. Her daughter has this feeling that there is something quite right about her mother’s death.

Because of this, Hong Ji-A will go to great lengths to find out what is the true reason for her mother’s death. After getting desperate, she ends up teaming up with Oh In-Bum.

Sell Your Haunted House Jung Yong Hwa
Credit: KBS2

Oh In-Bum (Jung Yong-Hwa) is a smooth talker exorcism fraud. Although Oh In-Bum does not believe in any types of ghosts, he suggested to Hong Ji-A to team up with him to exclusively sell houses that are haunted by evil spirits and lingering ghosts.

Although he doesn’t believe in all of these things, he has no problem pretending to believe in them just to make money for a living.

Oh In-Bum only pretends to be an exorcist, but in this drama, you will also discover a twist in his personality. He is a friendly and warm-hearted man who gives his all and whose innocence stands out.

Jang Na-Ra, who played Hong Ji-A is a singer and an actress in both Korea and China. She has released popular albums that made her songs number one. One of her popular albums is “Sweet Dream” from her second album.

Jang Na-Ra debuted her acting career in 2001. After that, she continues her acting career and starred in many other dramas including “The Last Empress” and the “Go Back Couple”.

Jang Na-Ra shared that for the first time that she read the script for Sell Your Haunted House, she described the story as new, refreshing, and appealing. She also found Hong Ji-A’s character as a strong and independent woman.

Teaser version 2

Jang Na-Ra always wanted to play a tough-wild character like Hong Ji-A’s character. Although she wanted to play this kind of character, Jang Na-Ra has difficulties and struggled a bit with some points of the role of the character because the character was so different from her other characters in her other dramas.

Jang Na-Ra thinks that this is the toughest and wild character that she ever played.

On the other hand, Jung Yong-Hwa who played Oh In-Bum is known as the lead singer of the band named CNBLUE. He made his debut in his acting career on “you’re beautiful”.

He is also known for his famous dramas called “Heartstrings” and “The Package”. Jung Yong-Hwa also shared that in this new upcoming drama Sell Your Haunted House, he is excited because of the new genre of exorcist drama.

He is also curious about what the viewers will think of its character’s twist on its personality as a conman and an exorcist. Jung Yong-Hwa also shared that he was embarrassed and he focused on working out his upper body for the pool scene that became a hot topic.

All he did was focus on working out his upper body for that scene. Jung Yong-Hwa will be showing off his different side on this drama and he is hoping for everyone to give a lot of interest in this drama.

Sell Your Haunted House will fill you with mixed emotions with its spookiness, secrets, and twists. An exorcist real estate agent who sells haunted houses and a conman who pretends to be an exorcist and believing in spirits for money.

How can the two get along with their personalities throughout their journey of selling houses full of evil spirits and ghosts?

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