Son Ho Jun Ends His Contract With YG Entertainment After 5 Years

After 5 years, Son Ho Jun has departed ways with his agency YG Entertainment. He has been in the agency for 5 years. He has been on a lot of drama such as The Uncanny Counter, The Light In Your Eyes, Terius Behind Me, and Go Back Couple. In some of these dramas, he was either the main role or support role.

On June 10, YG Entertainment released a statement announcing Son Ho Jun ending his contract with them.


Son Ho Jun’s former agency YG Entertainment statement

At the first of their statement, they expressed their gratitude to the fans who cherish and supports the actor Son Ho Jun. After that, they inform the people and the fans that their contract with Son Ho Jun expires in this late June.

According to YG Entertainment, this decision was made after a long and careful discussion with the actor Son Ho Jun. After this discussion, they have decided to respect the decision that was made which was ending their contract which each other and YG Entertainment decided to support each other’s future.

Son ho Jun exclusively signed a contract with his agency YG Entertainment in 2016. He was promoted in a lot of drama and TV shows while being in YG Entertainment. He was well-loved and many of his fans have supported him throughout his career while being in this agency.

YG Entertainment also shared that although their management duties for the actor Song Ho Jun end this late June, they thanked Son Ho Jun for being a promoting well as an artist under the management of YG Entertainment for a long time and hope that Son Ho Jun’s future is filled with a lot of blessings. They also ask the people and mostly the fans to show warm attention and support to the actor Son Ho Jun’s new beginning.

On the same day, this statement was made, there were reports that Son Ho Jun is heading for Think Ent. But according to Think Ent., they are discussing an exclusive contract with Son Ho Jun but the decision is still not confirmed yet.     

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