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SBS New Upcoming Series will the Taxi Driver gets his revenge?

SBS is about to release another thriller TV series named Taxi Driver just this April . “The Taxi Driver” is about a man whose name is Kim Do-Ki (Lee Je-Hoon).

His traumatic past has begun when his mother was murdered by a mysterious serial killer. After experiencing such a traumatic past, Kim Do-Ki’s life changed in a way of getting revenge.

Taxi Driver Korean Drama - Lee Je-Hoon cast
Credit: SBS Network

Kim Do-Ki graduated from military school, at Korea Naval Academy. After Graduation, he became an underwater demolitions expert. His life goes off rails because of his will of finding his mother’s killer and have the justice that his mother deserves.

Kim Do-Ki is now working with the Rainbow Taxi Company. Although this taxi company seems so safe and kind for its name, this taxi company is not your typical taxi driver company.

This taxi company offers a special service for their customers. Clients who didn’t get their justice by the law and are now seeking revenge. All they have to do is ask them to take revenge, and Kim Do-Ki and his co-workers will do the service for them.

Staring in this series Taxi Driver are, Lee Je-Hoon as Kim Do-Ki, who is a former special forces officer who is now working for the Rainbow Taxi Company.

Taxi Driver Korean Drama - Esom
Credit: SBS Network

Esom as Kang Ha-Na is an elite attorney who fights for justice and also having an interest in Kim Do-Ki’s work. Kim Eui-Sung as Jang Sung-Chul is playing as the CEO of the Rainbow Taxi Company. He is known to be as cold-hearted in cruel. And lastly, Pyo Ye-Jin as Go Eun is an IT specialist and a very skilled hacker.

Lee Je-Hoon who played Kim Do-Ki is an actor who is best know for his roles in the movies “The Front Line” and “My Paparotti”. But he gained popularity for his role in the drama called “Signal 2016”.

Taxi Driver Korean Drama - SBS Network

Esom who played Kang Ha-Na is an actor and a model. She Is also known for her roles in the drama “Because this is my first life” and “Ghost”. She played the main character in “Because this is my first life” and a guest role in “Ghost”.

Kim Eui-Sung who played Jang Sung-Chul as the CEO. Is an actor who is known for his support roles in the movies “Rampant” and “Extreme Job”.

Pyo Ye-Jin who played as Go-Eun is an actress who is also known for her main role in a drama called “I Love Lee Tae-Ri” and support role in “My Country: The New Age”.

This thriller series is about taking revenge for all the people who didn’t find justice for their selves or their loved ones.

Taxi Driver Korean Drama - Filming SBS Network
Credit: SBS Network

The interesting part about Taxi Driver is that these undercover taxi drivers will help people who didn’t get justice and now can take justice the way they like because of the help of this company. How will these taxi drivers get this revenge for their clients? And how do they do it? One way to find out is in this upcoming April.

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