The Drama Stage Season 4 - The Fair

The Fair Season 4 The Broadcast Killing Unlimited People On Live

On TvN, a criminal gets murdered twice a week. And every time a criminal gets murdered, Ryu Hee-Seon says that “now the world is a little fairer.” Through a new punishment system, the Virtual Crime Program (VCP), Ryu Hee-Seon attempts to convict a murderer who broadcast seven murders live on the internet through a new penal system the VCP (Virtual Crime Program).

In the Drama Stage Season 4 – The Fair, Ryu Hee-Seon (Nam Gyu-Ri) had a traumatic childhood. Her mother was killed by a man before her first day in Junior High school. Her mother was her only family and she would have been on Ryu Hee-Seon’s first day in Junior High School if it weren’t for the man who killed her mother. Ryu Hee-Seon should’ve had a normal and ordinary life.

Having fun school memories, dreams, and goals for her future, and sharing a beautiful love with someone. But all of that was taken away. All because of the man who murdered her mother. After 7 years, the murderer was released from prison and started a new life of his own will.

Ryu Hee-Seon, who is still suffering from criminal trauma is angry with this injustice. So she developed the VCP (Virtual Crime Program) that makes the murderer feel the same as the victim’s fear and pain.

Nam Joo-Cheol (Choi Byung-Mo) has studied correctional psychology and worked as a correctional officer for 10 years. He is currently helping the human rights of the inmates and the resocialization of the prisoners. Not long ago, he helped a prisoner who was treated unfairly in prison. That’s when Nam Joo-Cheol gained the name ‘The Butler of the killer’.

Although he received a lot of resentment from the victims and suffered from a lot of bad comments and threats, Nam Joo-Cheol believed that “Respect for human beings is the basis of correction”. And he takes the lead in opposition to the new punishment system the VCP.

Go Do-Yeong (Chak Hak-Yeon aka N) kills as if it is a setting or an act. He broadcast this process live for all of the viewers to see. During this live, he provides a mystery game with the viewers by giving them a quiz about the motives of the murder and the abandonment of the body.

Although all of these seem an act, all of the viewers know the facts that all of Go Do-Yeong’s murders are true. In the end, Go Do-Young was caught. But none of the channel viewers were charged with it because they all said “I didn’t know” it was a real murder.

Kang Min-Wook (Lee Hyun-Kyun) can’t remember much from his childhood. But his life has been pain itself. His mother never existed in his memory, and for him, his dad also better off not. Kang Min-Wook grew up in violence and violent language.

Moving in and out of the juvenile center like his own house. But Joo-Cheol, who was working as a guard at the time, changed Kang Min-Wook’s life. For Kang Min-Wook, Joo-Cheol is like a teacher and a real father who was there for him.

Nam Gyu-Ri, who played Ryu Hee-Seon is a singer and actress known for her SBS Drama Award-Winning role as Yang Cho-Rong in the 2010 tv series Life Is Beautiful. She was also the leader of the Korean female trio SeeYa but left the group in 2009.

Chak Hak-Yeon who played Go Do-Yeong is also a singer and an actor who debuted as a member of the South Korean group called XIVV. He is also known for his main role as Lee Eun-Ho on Children Of Nobody.

On the other hand, Choi Byung-Mo who played Nam Jo-Cheol, and Lee Hyun-Kyun who played Kang Min-Wook, are an actor. They were both on the famous drama series known as the Flower Of Evil. Choi Byung-Mo played as Do Min-Seok and Lee Hyun-Kyun as Yang Jin-Tae.

This series is interesting but gives you chills at the same time all because of its own story. The Drama Stage Season 4 – The Fair makes you question their motives of the character’s actions throughout the series.

Making you want to know what happened, why it happened, and what will happen. But all we know is that every character had a traumatic past that probably makes the reason why they take the actions that they do. 

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