Watch Kim Rae Won and Lee Da Hee as they Star the Action-fantasy Drama Series “Luca: The Beginning”

LUCA: THE BEGINNING is a science-fiction, thriller, mystery, supernatural and a drama series that will be released on February 1, 2021 and is stated to last until march 9, 2021. The said sci-fi drama series will be viewed at tvN’s Monday and Tuesday schedule, which will run for 60 minutes every episode. There will be 12 episodes in total for this series.

This sci-fi drama series is based on the Theory of Evolution of the infamous Charles Darwin believing that the entire human race is from one common ancestor. LUCA: THE BEGINNING is rated 15 where only people aged 15 and older are allowed to watch.

LUCA: THE BEGINNING is directed by Kim Hong Seon and is written by Chun Sung II and is starred by one of the most popular Korean actors nowdays, Kim Rae Won, who will be playing Ji-O and is partnered by the model actress Lee Da Hee, who will be playing Goo Reum.

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Kim Rae Won has increased its popularity rating after playing his role in the Romantic Comedy series “Rooftop Room Cat”. Aside from the said series, he has played lead roles in “My Little Bride”, “Love Story in Harvard,” “Punch”, and “Doctors” and many more.

Lee Da Hee had her break in her career when she had her breakout role in the 2013 SBS drama “I can hear your voice”, where she won several awards.

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LUCA: THE BEGINNING revolves its story in an experiment done to create a cell that will hold the secret to all life forms through the LUCA Project. (LUCA means Last Universal Common Ancestor) Ji-O has a human form but has supernatural powers.

But when Ji-O is able to get out of the facility where the LUCA Project is being done, he starts losing his memory. As Ji-O runs away and hides himself, different organizations try to track him down with different purposes. Not only do different organizations chase Ji-O but also different mysterious figures.

While he is being hunted and chased by both humans and mysterious elements, he tries to find answers to different questions around him.

Luca The Beginning Ji O
Credit: tvN

While Ji-O finds answers to his questions, he, then, meets Goo Reum, who is a detective that tries to find answers with her parents’ disappearance when she was young.  When both the characters meet, their life started changing.

This new South-Korean TV series is star-studded and shows great promise in the entertainment industry as it holds a great storyline, unquestionable taste in cinematography and a thrilling background. A lot of K-drama fans cannot wait to watch LUCA: THE BEGINNING after watching the trailer of the said series.

Other cast members of LUCA: THE BEGINNING are Kim Sung Oh, who plays the role of Yi Son, Jung Da Eun, who plays the role of Yoo Na, Kim Min Gwi, who plays the role of Tae O, Lee Joong Ok, who plays the role of Hwang Sik. The said characters are in Yi Son’s group who plays a supporting role in the series.

Credit: tvN

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